What People Are Saying!​

"Authors often struggle to capture the perfect voice for their characters. A voice that no one will ever forget. With Sherri Slater, I was fortunate enough to find just that, a perfect, unforgettable voice. From her dedication and grasp of encapsulating variest dialects and cultures, including French, she doesn't just narrate the characters she channels them. This is exceptionally revealed in the two main characters, Camille and Chloé. Being able to match her emotion and tone to the words is one of her greatest attributes. I feel that being a great narrator harks back to their experience. With Sherri's stage experience and presence as an actor, she shines in Twice Upon a Time. She isn't simply reading the words on the page she is bringing those words and the characters to life for all of us to enjoy."
Michael Combs
Author of 'Twice Upon a Time.'
"Sherri had the perfect voice for my novel, In Fashion's Web. She gave life to every character individually, including male, female and New York and Italian accents, as well as speaking in French and Japanese. The work and effort Sherri and Mick put into making the production perfect was exceptional. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants their book narrated!"
Lynn Ellen Russo
'Runner Up', 2016 Shelf Unbound Indie Book Awards

About Me

Sherri Slater Voice Narrator Pose

During Covid I became addicted to Audiobooks. Here’s my story.

My passion for theater started at an early age.  As number seven of eight, I learned quickly you had to create your own opportunities in life.  A rough and tumble training ground giving me the audacity to produce my first show at the ripe old age of seven. After playing the part of Marta in a Civic Theater production of the Sound of Music, I knew I could play the part of Maria given half the chance.  When the show closed, armed with exuberant confidence, I cast myself as Maria, and directed my own adapted production for our elementary school!  My life in theater had begun and continued up through my first few years of college. Theater dreams went on hold as other career adventures took priority until I moved to Argentina years later and jumped back in full time: performing children’s theater for schools and in local English theater productions, teaching theater classes and English as a second language.  During this period, I got back into training as well and went to New York and studied with Stella AdlerThe London Theater Exchange and others.

After studying theater that summer in New York, I returned to Buenos Aires full of energy and ideas and opened an international conservatory styled theater training program for actors, teachers, and students, called the Intensive Theater Training Program: ITTP.  Using simultaneous translators, we brought in instructors from Stella Adler and The London Theater Exchange to teach voice, movement, and text.  For three years it was wildly successful and so much fun!  However, it was not to last, suddenly, the bottom fell out of the economy in Buenos Aires and everything changed.  I made the decision to move the program back home to Michigan. Within a few months ITTP was establish as a summer program for both Grand Valley State University and Muskegon Community College, using the same concepts and many of the same instructors.  Working with local Intermediate School Districts, Faith based programs and Migrant Worker initiatives, we were able to add new theater workshops geared to underserved and inner-city youth.  

In administrating and planning theater training for others I had omitted doing any performance myself and missed it.  Out of the blue I was encouraged to do a demo for Brilliance for audiobooks, an industry I knew relatively little about.  I received several jobs from that demo, but I couldn’t see the financial potential and audiobooks got relegated to the back burner, as other career needs took precedence.

However, as I said, during Covid I become addicted to audio books and started to really explore the industry and how to get involved.  I signed up for coaching with Carol Monda, and Andi Arndt, joined APA, started listening and reading the ‘how to’ and all things audiobook related and decided I want this career and believe it’s the right time.  

I have the training and the ability and found that I love the industry!  My husband and I opened a studio in our home, and dove in. 

Audio Samples

Languages: English 

Strongest Accents: Although born in Michigan and currently reside, I’ve lived in Texas, California, New York, and Argentina, and have an ear for basic regional accents.  I’ve worked with a standard RP accent and love it.

Favorite Genres: I love historical fiction, mystery/thrillers, character filled fantasies, romance, memoirs, and a variety of non-fiction.  



Shure SM7B

Amplifiers and Interfaces:
Grace M101
CL-1 Cloud Lifter
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (x2)

Dell OptiPlex 9020 SSD 8 core i7 processer – 1 each for recording and editing
iPad Pro

iZotope RX8
PreSonus Studio One 

Recording Booth:
4’ x 6’ Acoustically Treated, Isolated and Dedicated Recording Studio